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Why does UP FM not have a traditional radio frequency? 

1. We can’t quite afford it
2. It’s not really worth it
3. We have more control being online.

Being online-only lets us have a unique business model while kicking ass and chewing bubble gum. Being on an FM or AM frequency also subjects us to submitting to a one size fits all radio broadcasting standard.

In a study we conducted in 2017, we found 27.3% of people preferred listening to radio online. With mobile data becoming faster and more affordable, it won’t be long until it becomes the standard way to tune in.

If there is no FM frequency why is it called UP – FM?

FM = For Music 😉

I want to play UP FM on my media player.

Sure! here is the link 🙂

How much data does streaming UP FM use?

The default UP FM cast streams 128kb OCC this equates to roughly 60 megabytes per hour. Watching YouTube in the lowest possible quality (240p) uses approximately 150 megabytes per hour. There are many variables and these are very rough estimates.

When it comes to broadcasting music, most FM Radio is the equivalent of about 96kbps mp3. With our basic stream running 128kb OCC format, the sound quality you get is almost 3x higher.

Is there an UP FM app?


Though – we recommend getting the Discord app and joining the UPFM chat!

Currently we do not have any plans for a standalone app. We’re trying to ‘do it all’ with the UPFM website. You can tune into our stream with your favorite media player by entering the following address:

Why are some peoples chat messages written in different colors?

Admins, moderators, show hosts and verified users are all colored differently. Just makes things easy 🙂

Should I get verified? 

Yes. Verified users get nice perks like sharing photos and access to in-chat games… plus you’re more likely to get attention from the dj’s!

How can I get verified? 

The UP FM chat is powered by Discord, the worlds biggest all-in-one voice and text chat for gamers. The Discord app is available on platforms. Simply make an official Discord account, log in, and you’ll shortly thereafter become verified.

Are you going to bring back UP FM events like Solar Series?

For now our core focus is the on-air aspect of the station. But.. you never know..

Where can I find some old photos of UP FM?

There is a Facebook group run by Nick Collings, ‘UP FM Memories 2002-2013‘ with lots of photos you can check out.

Does UP FM store any of my info?


What can I do to support UP FM? 

#1 tune in and join in the chat!
#2 tell your friends about UP FM
#3 buy some merch (coming later)
#4 become a patreon (coming later)